My name is Taysha Valeriote and i was born on July 6th 2005. I’ve loved music ever scene i can remember. Music is like my therapist its my way of expressing myself.  my dad helped me learn the guitar and he is amazing at playing it. i can sing, and play the guitar, violin, recorder, piano, Ukulele , and i love to make music on GarageBand. I started to take singing lessons when I was 6, and played my first concert with all of the other students. my singing teacher helped my learn the piano and was an amazing friend! i really love to dance! i have started to take some dance classes and i’m turning into a really good dancer. dancing does the same for me as music- its my way of expressing myself.  some of my hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, DIYs, photography, and more. I started righting songs scenes I could sing, but I don’t remember my first songs.  My first song I wrote that I remember was “Let me be a star.” I feel my life started when music came it’s like my best friend. One of my favourite songs of all time, well actually my favourite song is “Don’t Stop believing” bye Journey. It was the first song I learnt on the piano and it has many memories for me. It’s such a classic song! I like music from new age pop to old 80s rock to the early 2000s to hip hop, so I like a lot of stuff. Finding new song to listen to makes me feel like I have something that I can just listen to and feel I don’t have to do anything just listen, and that’s what I want people to feel when they hear my music, I want them to understand and to feel like there not alone.